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Swakshatra Vision

We aim to address child safety holistically at a global level by

  1. Establishing short stay shelters for children at risk
  2. Rescue and Rehabilitation
  3. Working to prevent exploitation of children (abuse, labor, trafficking and neglect) 
  4. Facilitating basic child rights to include right to education and right to quality health care
  5. Policy advocacies aimed at ensuring effective implementation of such child rights in the public domain

Swakshatra in Sanskrit means Self-Powerful/ Innately Strong/ and Master of Oneself. We envision a world where every child, woman and man is a personification of   'Swakshatra'.
As a first step in that direction, Swakshatra aims to ensure holistic safety of children as a prerequisite for enforcement of basic child rights and equal opportunities, this in turn will serve as the right platform for empowerment.

​​​Provide holistic personal safety training for Women and Children, under the Training Wing of Swakshatra.

Develop and operate a Short Stay Shelters for children at risk (girls from 6 to 16 years of age), at Bangalore, with a capacity to house 12 children in Phase I and 25 in Phase II.