Individuals and Organizations can

  • Make donations in cash and kind, towards operational expenditure of the Swakshatra Short Stay Shelter.
  • Reach us for conduct of workshops under the Swakshatra Safety Training Wing.
  • Engage with the beneficiaries of our Short Stay Shelter by continued sponsorship of a child's education post rehabilitation from the Safe Home.
  • Engage with the Short Stay Shelter for support with our literacy, life-skills,  and all round developmental training initiatives.

Vision: To provide holistic personal safety training to Children and Women, with an aim to nurture confidence in this target group and ensure their preparedness towards handling safety situations,

Generate awareness among all segments of the society, towards Child Sexual Abuse and Gender Based Violence, to enable a change in the way we as a society perceive and respond to the safety needs of Children and Women.


  • Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Workshops for children, educators and parents.
  • Personal Safety and Gender Based Violence Awareness Workshops for Women.

Short Stay Shelter

Vision: To develop and operate a Short Stay Shelters for children at risk (girls from 6 to 16 years of age), at Bangalore, with a capacity to house 12 children in Phase I and 25 children in Phase II.

Offering: Operate a Short Stay Shelter for girls at risk, in the age group of 6 to 16. 

At risk children include

  • rescued child trafficking victims, children rescued from streets,
  • victims of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, mental) and
  • any other situation that may endanger the mental, physical and emotional well being of a child.

The shelter will have quality facilities for trauma care, counselling, medical care, legal support, rehabilitation and reintegration, ensuring effective implementation of Child Rights in the process.